Svitzer back at Brazil’s Shipyard Rio Maguari for three more

Written by Nick Blenkey
Daniel Reedtz Cohen, managing director of Svitzer Brazil and Fabio Vasconcellos, commercial director, Shipyard Rio Maguari.

Daniel Reedtz Cohen, managing director of Svitzer Brazil (L), signed the contract with Fabio Vasconcellos, commercial director, Shipyard Rio Maguari. [Photo: Svitzer]

Continuing its expansion in Brazil, towage giant Svitzer has signed a further contract with Brazil’s Shipyard Rio Maguari that it describes as a “significant investment.” The contract covers the construction of three new Robert Allan Ltd. design RAmpart 2300 design ASD tugboats.

Back in May, Svitzer, took delivery of Svitzer Babitonga, the final tug in an earlier series of six sister vessels from the RAmpart 2300 series built at Rio Maguari.

“This tug series is purpose-built to support vital local operations, where it will play a crucial role in assisting with harbor towage along the Brazilian coast and in supporting LNG operations,” Arjen Van Dijk, managing director for Svitzer Americas, said at that time. “I want to thank Rio Maguari for delivering a series of high quality and reliable vessels, and all our colleagues, onshore and onboard the vessels for delivering a reliable service to our customers every day and for contributing to jointly growing our portfolio in Brazil.”

Like the earlier six tugs, the three latest vessels will have a top speed of 13 knots, an overall length of 23.2 meters and a bollard pull of more than 70 tonnes and will be equipped with Fifi-1 firefighting capabilities.

“Svitzer’s newbuild program in Brazil is a testament to our continuous commitment to meet the evolving needs of our customers in this important market,” said van Dijk, in announcing the latest order. “These tugboats are designed to handle the increasing complexity and volume of Brazil’s maritime operations and will enhance our operational capacity across various Brazilian ports. It not only strengthens our service offerings but also aligns with our broader goal of supporting Brazil’s economic growth and infrastructure development.”

“Brazil’s economy has seen significant growth in the green energy and agricultural export sectors and has a key position in the global energy and food supply,” said Daniel Reedtz Cohen, managing director of Svitzer Brazil.”Furthermore, the country’s growing export market for commodities, such as metals and oil, demonstrates its economic potential. With the number of ports increasing, and new terminals under construction, the expansion of our fleet with these tugboats reflects our dedication to supporting the evolving needs of Brazilian ports. We see continuous growth opportunities in the country, and this investment positions us to continue meeting new demands effectively.”

Svitzer says that the construction of these new tugboats by Shipyard Rio Maguari further cements its commitment to leveraging local expertise and resources.

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