St. Johns Ship Building delivers the first of two Chartwell CTVs to Atlantic Wind Transfers

Written by Marine Log Staff
Chartwell design CTV

Photo: St. Johns Ship Building

St. Johns Ship Building, Palatka, Fla., has delivered the Atlantic Resolute, the first of two Jones Act-compliant Chartwell Ambitious-Class Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV) ordered by Atlantic Wind Transfers. This achievement marks the third CTV delivered by St. Johns Ship Building within six months, coming less than a month after the delivery of the Windea Enterprise, the second of the three Jones Act-compliant Incat Crowther 30 meters crew transport vessels (CTV) ordered at the shipyard by Windea CTV, LLC, a partnership of Hornblower Wind and MidOcean Wind.

With the delivery of Atlantic Resolute, the shipyard has now built and delivered both Incat and Chartwell-designed CTVs to its customers.

“We are pleased to add the delivery of the Atlantic Resolute to the growing list of CTVs built and delivered by St. Johns Ship Building,” said Joe Rella, president of St. Johns Ship Building. “The completion and delivery of this Chartwell-designed vessel exemplifies the shipyard’s versatility in building a wide variety of vessels and designs and is a result of the dedication and hard work of our skilled workforce.”

The Ambitious is Southampton, U.K.-based naval architect firm Chartwell Marine’s flagship CTV design; a 25.2 meter aluminum catamaran with capacity to transport 24 personnel to and from turbines with speed, safety, and stability.

St. Johns Ship Building, which was acquired by Americraft Marine, a maritime subsidiary of the Logothetis family’s Libra Group, in 2022, has undergone significant transformation over the past two years, including the modernization of its shipbuilding capabilities and investment in new talent to allow concurrently efficient production of multiple vessels.

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