Jesper Rosenfeldt Hansen​ (HydroPen CTO), Martin Winkel (HydroPen CEO), Henrik Uhd Christensen (Viking CEO) and Gert Lillebæk (Viking CFO).

Viking Life-Saving acquires HydroPen

Viking Life-Saving Equipment has acquired HydroPen, the company behind the unique HydroPen container firefighting solution supplied to hundreds of ships. HydroPens rapid uptake has been due to its combination of innovation, efficiency

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VIDEO: Fireboat for Kuwait is packed with innovations

A FireStorm 50’ fireboat delivered by Kingston, Ontario, headquartered MetalCraft Marine Inc. (MCM) to the Kuwait Fire Service Directorate incorporates the very latest in technology available for fire fighting and search and

ONR unveils prototype robot firefighter

February 6, 2015 — In tests aboard a decommissioned Navy ship last fall, a humanoid robot located a live shipboard fire and sprayed it with water from a hose. Called SAFFiR (Shipboard