BAE Systems Ship Repair honors its top suppliers and subcontractors

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BAE Systems honors suppliers at cremony

BAE Systems recently honored executives from eight companies that represented its top subcontractors and small businesses for the company’s U.S. Navy and commercial ship repair work in 2022. [Photo: BAE Systems]

BAE Systems Ship Repair recently recognized its best suppliers and subcontractors during a “Partner2Win” supplier ceremony.

More than fifty companies that successfully supported the company’s maintenance of U.S. Navy ships and commercial vessels in three ports during 2022 were honored.

“Our ship repair operations are enhanced by the support of great suppliers. In 2022, we delivered more than 60 repair and modernization projects, providing U.S. Navy sailors and commercial mariners with quality work performed safely in our shipyards,” said Paul Smith, vice president and general manager of BAE Systems Ship Repair. “The combined effort with our supplier base formed a true partnership for performance. I extend my sincere thanks to all of our supply chain partners and applaud those who have earned our ‘Partner2Win’ Supplier Awards.”

This year’s top ship repair supplier awards went to American Scaffold, Inc., of San Diego, California; and Vallen Distribution Inc., of Belmont, North Carolina.

American Scaffold, a full service scaffold company, is the subcontractor of the year for the entire BAE Systems Ship Repair enterprise. American Scaffold provided scaffold and containment systems to all three shipyards, ensuring safe working conditions and controls to protect employees and the environment.

Vallen Distribution, an indirect materials distributor, is the business’s material supplier of the year. In 2022, Vallen installed and managed consumable parts vending machines throughout the Norfolk shipyard to reduce parts retrieval time. For the three shipyards, Vallen was a trusted partner in helping to oversee indirect inventory.

The following companies were also recognized in addition to American Scaffolding and Vallen Distribution as stand-out award winners:

  • BAE Systems Jacksonville Ship Repair’s Small Business of the Year – Atlantic Marine Cleaning of Jacksonville, Florida;
  • BAE Systems Jacksonville Ship Repair’s Subcontractor of the Year – East Coast Repair & Fabrication, LLC of Chesapeake, Virginia;
  • BAE Systems Norfolk Ship Repair Small Business of the Year – EMS Industrial, Inc. of Madison, Wisconsin;
  • BAE Systems Norfolk Ship Repair Subcontractor of the Year – Marcom Services, LLC, of Portsmouth, Virginia;
  • BAE Systems San Diego Ship Repair Small Business of the Year – AMP United LLC of Dover, New Hampshire; and
  • BAE Systems San Diego Ship Repair Subcontractor of the Year – International Marine & Industrial Applicators, LLC, of Spanish Fort, Alabama.

BAE Systems provides ship repair, maintenance, and modernization services to the U.S. Navy’s fleet of combatant ships in their homeports, as well as refit and hauling services for commercial and privately-held vessels. The company operates three full-service shipyards in California, Florida, and Virginia, and offers a skilled, experienced workforce, seven dry docks and railways, and significant pier space and ship support services.

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