Trends in exhaust gas scrubber ship fittings

Scrubber fitting trends: What’s happening?

Niels Rasmussen, chief shipping analyst at BIMCO has been crunching the numbers on the percentage of ships fitted with exhaust gas scrubbers, or exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS) more formally. “Scrubbers were

ABS updates exhaust gas scrubber advisory

JULY 17, 2017 — Classification society ABS has updated the ABS Advisory on Exhaust Gas Scrubber Systems (Scrubber Advisory) to help industry prepare for IMO’s 2020 global sulfur cap. “As I meet

VIDEO: Membrane scrubber breakthrough

MAY 13, 2016 — In a breakthrough for a promising new technology, China’s Cosco Nantong Shipyard has completed the first shipboard installation of an Ionada Membrane Scrubber exhaust gas cleaning system (EGCS)

DNV GL offers “Scrubber Ready” notation

MARCH 3, 2016 — Classification society DNV GL has created a new class notation to help shipowners prepare their newbuildings for the installation of an exhaust gas scrubber. “Scrubber Ready” ensures that

ABS offers guide for “SOx Scrubber Ready” ships


Instead, when ordering a newbuilding they may prefer to order a ship that is “SOx scrubber ready.”

Classification society ABS says that, Iin order to facilitate future modifications, ship buyers and shipbuilders must make a significant effort to figure out what features should be incorporated on a vessel and incorporate these in the shipbuilding contract.

To support shipowners taking this path, ABS has published the ABS Guide for SOx Scrubber Ready Vessels to support members and clients in preparing newbuilds for future outfitting with a SOx exhaust gas cleaning system (EGCS).

The guide supports the ABS classification notation for SOx Scrubber Ready Vessels by formalizing the process for clients who wish to plan for retrofit of a SOx scrubber at a future date by providing a detailed review and approval and an associated notation.

The SOx Scrubber Ready notation is in addition to ABS EGCS notations that may be assigned for vessels fitted with an exhaust emission abatement system, including SOx scrubbers, selective catalytic reduction systems and exhaust gas recirculation arrangements for NOx emission control, in accordance with the ABS Guide for Exhaust Emission Abatement.

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