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Chairman calls for IACS to be a “beacon of light”

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Knut Ørbeck-Nilssen, Chairman of the International Association of Classification Societies and CEO of DNV GL Maritime

APRIL 20, 2018 — “When many in the maritime community feel like their businesses are in dire straits, IACS and its members, the top classification societies, need to be a beacon of light setting the course ahead – with modern requirements, transparent processes and the highest quality of service,” said Knut Ørbeck-Nilssen, Chairman of the International Association of Classification Societies and CEO of DNV GL Maritime, yesterday.

Quality, modernization and transparency have been the three fundamental themes of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) during DNV GL’s Chairmanship, and this approach is widely reflected in IACS’ 2017 Annual Review which was presented in London yesterday by Ørbeck-Nilssen.

Looking back at IACS’ development and successes over the past year, Ørbeck-Nilssen said that during these dynamic times, both IACS and its twelve Member societies need to act as a guide for the shipping industry, identifying the path for others to follow.

The three themes of IACS’ strategy build on the work done by the organization and its member classification societies last year, as detailed in the 2017 Annual Review, and position the Association well for the many challenges that lie ahead.

Highlights for IACS and its Members from 2017 include achieving full compliance with the International Maritime Organization’s Goal Based Standards; ongoing industry involvement in cyber security and autonomy; and the launch of new membership criteria.

“2017 was a year in which the maritime world’s key players had to get to grips with tectonic changes in markets, regulations and technology.” said Ørbeck-Nilssen. “I am proud to say that both IACS and its member societies rose to that challenge with their work across the year:

“Together we achieved significant progress in modernizing the concept of class and in adapting to the digital transformation of our industry. In IACS, we strive to ensure that our own standards allow for innovative practices that utilise the flexibility available within ship regulations while maintaining high-quality and delivering on our unceasing commitment to a safer and more secure maritime world.”

“With the maritime industry facing complex and competing demands, IACS continues to play a leading role by bringing familiar technical assurance processes to bear against new and unfamiliar technologies,” said Robert Ashdown, IACS’ Secretary General. “Our 2017 Annual Review showcases the work that IACS’ member societies have undertaken in this respect, while also emphasizing our continuous commitment to quality operations and, by way of the class data provided, to acting in an ever more transparent way.”

Download the IACS 2017 Annual Review HERE


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