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Blount to build South Boats wind farm cats for U.S. market

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blountwindmicroBlount Boats, Inc., Warren, R.I., has reached an agreement with South Boats Special Projects, Ltd., Cowes, U.K., that makes it the exclusive shipyard to manufacture U.S. flagged aluminum catamarans of South Boats designs for the U.S. offshore wind farm industry.


South Boats is recognized as a pioneer in designing and manufacturing wind farm service vessels. Its shipyard on the Isle of Wight has built 45 such vessels in five classes, from 15 m to 30 m that give it a 50 percent market share in European wind farms serviced by 13 operators, including Turbine Transfers Ltd. (Holyhead Towing Company), Iceni Marine Services Ltd., Northern Offshore Services AB, MPI Workboats, Ltd. (Vroon Group BV), Maritime Craft Services and MTS Group. The boats have worked on 25 wind farm projects in seven countries.

South Boat designs are continually evolving to meet the growing expectations of the industry for higher levels of safety, reduced noise levels and enhanced crew comfort.

Marcia Blount, President of Blount Boats, said “We have been chosen by the leading builder of wind farm vessels because of our depth of experience in building work boats for the past 62 years. We look forward to working with South Boats to bring their proven catamaran designs to our shipyard to build boats for operators of U.S.wind farms.”

July 15, 2011

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