St. Johns Ship Building delivers second Windea CTV

Written by Nick Blenkey
Windea CTV

Photo: St Johns Ship Building

St. Johns Ship Building, Palatka, Fla., has delivered the Windea Enterprise, the second of the three Jones Act-compliant Incat Crowther 30 meters crew transport vessels (CTV) ordered at the shipyard by Windea CTV, LLC, a partnership of Hornblower Wind and MidOcean Wind.

The vessel is the third CTV to be delivered by St. Johns within six months. Two more are in production for delivery this year

According to designer Incat Crowther, the USCG Subchapter L-certified Windea CTVs are capable of transporting 24 technicians in the safety and comfort of a resiliently mounted superstructure. In addition to spacious seating, the main deck level of the superstructure features a large galley and mess area, two bathrooms and dedicated internal storage space.

The upper deck level of the vessels features an elevated, large wheelhouse, as well as two single cabins, two double cabins and three bathrooms for up to six crew. A large, 100 square meter forward deck and a 35 square meter aft deck provide ample space for carriage of cargo to offshore wind installations. Each vessel has the capability of transporting a deadweight of 50 tonnes.

Powered by four Volvo D13 marine diesel engines with a quad Volvo IPS system, each vessel is also future-proofed and ready for the retrofit of the Volvo parallel hybrid system. Transfer capability is enhanced by the Incat Crowther resilient-bow technology which reduces impact forces applied to wind turbine boat landings.

“I’m incredibly proud of all the shipbuilders and support staff who helped bring this vessel to life,” said St. Johns Ship Building president Joe Rella. . “As we advance our CTVs, barges, and other vessel orders, we are supporting the proud tradition of American shipbuilding, which is the backbone of the U.S. economy, right here in Palatka. We aim to make Putnam County, Florida’s 6th Congressional District, the regional leader in maritime job creation and operational excellence.”

“St. Johns Shipyard has done an admirable job delivering two out of our three CTVs ordered from their shipyard,” said Bradley Neuberth, managing partner of MidOcean Wind and Windea CTV. “These projects take a long time and have endured trying macroeconomic conditions. It takes real cooperation and collaboration to successfully complete the construction of a CTV, and Windea, MidOcean Wind, Hornblower Wind, and St. Johns have formed a solid foundation which continues to excel as we progress on our third CTV in Palatka, FL.”

St. Johns Ship Building, which was acquired by Americraft Marine, a maritime subsidiary of the Logothetis family’s Libra Group, in 2022, has undergone significant transformation over the past two years, including the modernization of its shipbuilding capabilities and investment in new talent to allow concurrently efficient production of multiple vessels.

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