VIDEO: Davie delivers third medium icebreaker to Canadian Coast Guard

Written by Nick Blenkey
medium icebreaker

Originally delivered in 2020, the icebreaker is the third of three former offshore AHTS ships and converted to medium icebreakers for the Canadian Coast Guard

Davie Shipbuilding, Lévis, Quebec, reports that the medium icebreaker CCGS Vincent Massey was delivered to the Canadian Coast Guard yesterday.

The CCGS Vincent Massey will join its two sister vessels, CCGS Captain Molly Kool and CCGS Jean Goodwill which are already in service

The 83.7 meter long vessel, originally delivered by Norway’s Havyard Leirvik sgipyard, in 2011, is one of three former offshore AHTS ships — Viking II, Balder Viking and Vidar Viking —acquired by Davie from Viking Supply Ships AB in 2018 and converted to medium icebreakers for the Canadian Coast Guard under a contract awarded in 2018

The ships were acquired and converted under Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy to ensure the continuation of essential icebreaking services in Atlantic Canada, the St. Lawrence and the Great Lakes, as well as the Arctic, during vessel life extension and repair periods to the existing fleet.

As well as helping ensure the Canadian Coast Guard continues to deliver essential icebreaking services, keeping shipping routes open and safe while preventing ice jams and flooding, the CCGS Vincent Massey is also equipped to support aids to navigation and provide emergency services such as search and rescue and environmental response.

CCGS Vincent Massey has four medium-speed diesel engines geared to two controllable pitch propellers in nozzles with a total propulsion power of 13,440 kW (18,020 hp). She can achieve a maximum speed of 16 knots (30 km/h) in open water and break 1-meter ice at a continuous speed of 3 knots (5.6 km/h). She is 83.7 metres long overall.

The total contract value for the purchase and conversion of the three medium icebreakers was CAD 912.5 million which includes the purchase of the three vessels.

The conversion and refit for the CCGS Vincent Massey included increasing the crew accommodation capacity, adding a heavy lift crane, increasing icebreaking capability and ship endurance. As well, work was required to meet Coast Guard operational and Canadian regulatory requirements.


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