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VIDEO: ABB launches new situational awareness solution

Written by Nick Blenkey
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NOVEMBER 21, 2017 — A new situational awareness solution from ABB superimposes a virtual model of the ship on real surroundings, making it possible to see the operation from a third person perspective.

The solution, called ABB Ability Marine Pilot Vision, can be used by officers anywhere onboard a ship, taking advantage of the latest advances in sensor technology and computer vision to offer multiple real-time visualizations of a vessel’s surroundings and new ways of perceiving its situation.

The officer can switch between views instantaneously, making it easier to predict vessel motions and be alert to previously hidden obstacles or collision risks. The resulting improvement in situational awareness promises significant benefits for safety and operational efficiency.

“The launch of ABB Ability Marine Pilot Vision addresses an important step in the ongoing digitalization of ship operations,” says Juha Koskela, Managing Director at ABB Marine & Ports. “This new solution indicates an important landmark in ABB’s digital strategy and offering for our customers.”

“Computer vision has advanced significantly in recent years,” says Mikko Lepisto, Senior Vice President of Digital Solutions at ABB Marine & Ports. “With this new solution, ABB is leveraging that in order to present the ship and its environment in ways beyond ordinary perception. Crucially, we can do this in real-time in an intuitive fashion, which does not distract the crew from their work. In this sense, Ability Marine Pilot Vision extends the capabilities of the human senses. The solution can easily be installed on conventional vessels to improve situational awareness. What’s more, it enables new shoreside remote services, as well as totally new design options for new vessels, as it provides unrestricted views of the surroundings from any location on board and even on shore.”

“ABB believes that the next generations of vessels will be electric, digital and connected,” says Koskela. Our recent fuel cell solution launch and ABB Ability Marine Pilot Vision give substance to this,” Koskela continues. “Ultimately, Vision delivers a completely new user experience in ship operations. It also brings remotely-operated or unmanned ships into clear view. Unmanned ships will be dependent on fault tolerant and reconfigurable critical systems. Fuel cells, energy storage and renewable energy solutions fit perfectly with these targets, without compromising energy efficiency.

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