Jumbo and GoodFuels to take sustainable bio-fuel oil to the offshore support market

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Schiedam, Netherlands, based heavy lift shipping and offshore transportation and installation contractor Jumbo, and the commercial, sustainable marine biofuel company GoodFuels, have announced a joint initiative to test marine bio-fuel oil on an offshore decommissioning project.

Starting with an initial project, the partnership paves the way for a fossil fuel to renewables energy transition in the offshore support sector – removing infrastructure for fossil fuel production, while simultaneously accelerating the energy transition during that process.

Following GoodFuels’ completion of two successful deliveries of sustainabl “drop in” bio-fuel oil in the shipping sector – in tandem with Danish bulk carrier Norden A/S and French container line CMA-CGM – this offshore project, alongside Netherlands-based Jumbo, represents a new, exciting market opportunity for sustainable marine fuel, and GoodFuels’ ground-breaking sustainable bio-fuel oil.

This latest project will see sustainable “drop-in” bio-fuel oil delivered to Jumbo’s offshore vessel, Fairplayer, ahead of her departure to the North Sea. The bio-fuel oil will be supplied by GoodFuels’ logistics partner Varo Energy.

Wout Janssens, Director Operations & Engineering at Jumbo, said, “Jumbo has been developing pioneering solutions for ocean transportation for more than 50 years with sustainable innovation being one of our top priorities. We are, therefore, keen to work together with GoodFuels on this project. By testing the bio-fuel oil, we are taking a major step towards a sustainably powered fleet.”

Dirk Kronemeijer, CEO and Founder at GoodFuels said, “We are very proud of our cooperation with Jumbo, which is taking a market-leading position in testing GoodFuels’ bio-fuel oil. Together with our new partner, we continue to fullfil our mission as accelerators of the energy transition: by now making strides in offshore market, as we have already achieved in the shipping industry.”

The the second-generation bio-fuel oil is completely derived from forest residues and waste oil products, and is expected to deliver 80-90% well-to-propeller CO2 reduction versus fossil equivalents, and will produce no sulfur oxide (SOx) emissions – all without any requirement for engine modifications.

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