VIDEO: Maersk undocks first 16,000 TEU methanol-fueled containership

Written by Nick Blenkey
first 16,000 TEU methanol-fueled containership

Screen grab from Maersk video

Maersk has released video showing the float out at Hyundai Heavy Industries of the first of its new series of 16,000 TEU methanol-fueled containerships. At the time it unveiled the design it said that it allows a 20% improved energy efficiency per transported container, when comparing to the industry average for vessels in this size.

The undocking comes within weeks of another Maersk methanol milestone, the christening of the world’s first methanol-fueled containership, the 2,136 TEU feeder ship Laura Maersk.

At 350 meters long by 53.5 meters wide, the 16,000 TEU methanol-fueled ship is significantly largers than the Laura Maersk. It not only feature an innovative dual fuel engine set up but also incorporate efficiency-boosting features that makes it look significantly different not only from the the Laura Maersk but also from any previous larger container vessels.

The crew accommodations and bridge are located at the bow to enable increased container capacity. The exhaust stack is at the aft, and only on one side of the vessel, providing further space for cargo. The separation between accommodations and stack will also improve efficiency when in port.

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