Double ended hybrid ferry features dual AlphaBridge

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Identical bridges are fitted on both ends of the vessel

JULY 27, 2016 — The 135 m double-ended CNG hybrid ferry Texelstroom, recently delivered by Spanish shipbuilder Construcciones Navales del Norte—La Naval (see earlier story), features an advanced dual JRC/Alphatron AlphaBridge.

The fully integrated and ergonomically designed bridge features full navigation, (internal) communication and observation equipment, captain’s chairs on sliding rails with steering control built in the armrest and various workstations, with the exact same equipment installed on both ends of the vessel.

The vessel, owned by Dutch company Texels Eigen Stoomboot Onderneming (TESO) will be sailing between the city Den Helder on the mainland and the West Frisian island of Texel, situated in the North Sea off the Dutch coast, along the edge of the Wadden Sea.

TESO chose the AlphaBridge concept to be the heart and the brain of the vessel, with the principle that the technology should make bridge operation easier.

The ergonomic design of the AlphaBridge enables intuitive, comfortable operation, which further enhances the safety of the ferry.

Both bridges work independently from each other and include safety override switching between both ends, offering true flexibility to integrated and sophisticated navigation.

A complete double bridge package for inland water, but suitable for GMDSS area A1, was selected for the vessel. It includes navigation, overhead and safety consoles as well as Alphatron Marine complementary control and switching panels with centralized dimming and intuitive control.

Also part of the AlphaBridge is a complete remote controlled CCTV system featuring no less than 32 IP cameras operated from three different stations and a custom-built docking system that detects the distance to shore from several locations to ensure optimal safety for the passengers.

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