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Somali pirates hijack bulk carrier

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piratemapDays after the ITF warned it would consider a seafarer boycott of pirate infested waters, Somali pirates have seized another vessel and added 23 more hostages to their captives.

At approximately 0600 GMT today, the 38,097 dwt bulker MV DOVER was hijacked approximately 260 nautical miles North East of Salalah in the North Arabian Sea.

The Panamanian flagged, Greek owned vessel was on its way to Saleef,Yemen, from Port Quasim, Pakistan, when it was attacked.  

Details of the attack are not known at this time, says Eu Navfor.  The MV DOVER has a crew of 23 (one Russian, three Romanians and 19 Filipinos). There is presently no communication with the vessel and no information regarding the condition of the crew.

The ship is managed by Worldwide Ship Management SA, Piraeus, Greece.

The MV DOVER was registered with MSC(HOA), and was reporting to UKMTO.  Eu Navfor says it continues to monitor the situation.

February 28, 2011

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