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Sea Star invests in improvements for Puerto Rico trade

Written by Marine Log Staff

ship passing340x255JULY 17, 2012—In a move to improve its operations between the U.S. mainland and Puerto Rico, Sea Star Line, LLC, Jacksonville, FL, is investing in new refrigerated equipment, concluding vessel dry-dockings, and upgrading its customer resource and business process management systems.  

Earlier this year, Sea Star Line began a five-year program to add new, technologically improved refrigerated equipment to its operations.  By 2016, after an investment of about $11 million, the average age of the Sea Star Line refrigerated fleet will be about 3.5 years, the youngest fleet of any commercial trade.  High quality, reliable refrigerated equipment is critical to ensure that produce and other foodstuffs are delivered fast and fresh.  Working with its customers, Sea Star Line developed state-of-the-art monitoring procedures to track the refrigerated containers’ performance during all movements in the temperature-controlled supply chain.

Sea Star Line recently concluded major dry-dockings of the El Morro and El Yunque.  These dry-dockings, which cost over $5 million, included upgrades to the major shipboard systems.

“Our commitment to the island and people of Puerto Rico is second to none,” said Peter Keller, President of Sea Star Line, “and we practice thatPeter-Keller web commitment every day through the hard work of our employees and the revenue we invest back into our business.  Sea Star Line continues to work hard to reduce costs and administrative burdens so that the process of shipping to and from Puerto Rico becomes easier for all our customers.”

Sea Star Line is also upgrading its financial systems as it prepares for the next decade.   “We are investing millions into state-of-the-art administrative systems to further upgrade interfaces with our customers” continued Keller.  “Modern systems and efficient processes are important.  Achieving the highest levels of customer service cannot begin or end without the correct initial information, accurate paper work management and effective data transfer capability.”

“We continue to examine our chassis provision programs and policies, both in the U.S. and in Puerto Rico, and will make changes as conditions warrant” said Keller.  “We understand the absolute need to add efficiencies that enhance our profitability so we can reinvest in this critical trade lane.”    “The container and Ro/Ro trade to Puerto Rico is an essential component of sustained economic development on the Island and I am proud to say that Sea Star Line will continue to be a robust contributor to the economy of Puerto Rico for decades to come” concluded Keller.

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