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MaK propulsion engines chosen for Ostensjo OSV building in Spain

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MaK_CIM03microCaterpillar Marine Power Systems is providing two 6 M 25 C and two 9 M 25 C MaK propulsion engines for an Ostensjo Rederi AS offshore supply vessel currently being constructed at the Astilleros Gondán S.A. shipyard in Spain.

Each 6 M 25 C engine will deliver 2,000 kW at 750 rpm. The 9 M 25 C engines will each deliver 3,000 kW at 750 rpm of rated power.


All engines feature a new innovative air injection system, designed to ensure load response remains in a low rpm range and are packaged with the Siemens Bluedrive PlusC diesel electric propulsion systems. The vessel is slated to begin operations in fall 2013.

“The goal of this specific newbuild project was to have a significant reduction of environmental emissions, in both NOx and CO2,” said Ulf Hanneman, Caterpillar Marine Power Systems Territory Sales Manager. “The new air injection system on the MaK engines, combined with the engines’ stellar fuel consumption, made the MaK power solutions the ideal choice for this offshore application.”

“With the new air injection system Caterpillar can offer a tool that improves the load acceptance capabilities of the engine at any condition” said Andreas Banck, Supervisor Diesel Engine Test Team of Caterpillar Motoren GmbH. “It’s a simple system with a proven design and as reliable as the engine. Compressed air will be injected after the turbocharger, thus having a diffuser effect that supports the turbocharger performance. Compared to jet assist offered by the competitors our system will not put any extra load on the turbocharger.”

To reduce environmental emissions, the engines feature an SCR catalyst operating over the load range of 10-100 percent and a reduction in fuel consumption throughout the operation cycle for an offshore supply vessel. Fuel consumption testing results have demonstrated the effectiveness of the IMO II-compliant MaK engines, with average fuel consumption expected to be at least 15 percent below the fuel consumption of comparable propulsion systems in offshore vessels operating today.

Manufactured in Kiel, Germany, the M 25 engine series features high efficiency turbochargers and a reduced number of components designed for ease of installation and system integration

The collaborative effort of Cat dealers Pon Power Scandinavia and Finanzauto were integral to the success of the project. Both dealers will remain engaged in product support and service throughout the construction and subsequent operation of the vessel. The engines will be delivered in spring 2012.

October 28, 2011

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