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Island Offshore christens new offshore construction vessel

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Island_Intervention_DSC0306_RGB_25cmNorway’s Island Offshore recently christened the 120-meter-long offshore construction vessel, Island Intervention.

Based on an Ulstein SX121 design the Island Intervention will carry out advanced operations in the Norwegian Sea this autumn.  Thw 120 m x 25 m vessel will be classed by DNV + DNV 1A1 R Ship-shaped Well Intervention Unit SF LFL* COMF-V(3)C(3) HELDK CRANE OPP-F E0 DYNPOS-AUTRO NAUTOSV (A) CLEAN DESIGN DK(+) HL(2.8) MODU CODE Safety Certificate. It can accommodate 100 persons and is outfitted with a 140-tonne-capacity tower for module handling, moonpool, ROV hangar, 140-tonne-capacity offshore crane, and helipad. The 8,700-dwt vessel has diesel-electric propulsion. The deck area is 1,470m2.

Island Offshore managing director Håvard Ulstein says that the company’s entire fleet is currently fully booked. “Island Intervention will become an important addition to our fleet,” says Ulstein. “This autumn, the vessel will be installing a series of production trees on the seabed in the Norwegian Sea for a Norwegian oil company. This is a complicated operation, but we are confident, that with the right crew, this vessel is the best equipment for the job. Our experience with its sister vessels, Island Constructor, also delivered by Ulstein, is very good and we therefore have great expectations for the new vessel.”

The Island Offshore Group is privately owned and the majority shareholder is Island Offshore Shipholding LP. Island Offshore Shipholding LP is jointly owned by the Ulstein and Chouest families on a 50/50 basis.


August 12, 2011

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