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Hempel offers high-solids versions of antifoulings

Written by Nick Blenkey

Hempel drumsAUGUST 15, 2012 — Hempel is launching high-solids versions of its Globic, Oceanic and Olympic antifoulings. The new versions — Globic 9000, Globic 6000, Oceanic+ and Olympic+ — have been optimized to offer the benefits of high-solids.

Reflecting Hempel’s commitment to investment in R&D, they offer optimized binder systems, polishing rates, biocides and solids levels. In addition, they also feature microfiber technology, which works like steel reinforcement in concrete to deliver superior mechanical strength and elasticity

Hempel says the new high-solids antifoulings allow shipowners to greatly reduce the environmental impact of their vessels. By delivering powerful protection against fouling, they cut fuel consumption and associated emissions. Plus, their emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are very low.

Promising exceptional performance in even the most aggressive waters, Globic 9000 is Hempel’s new top-end antifouling. An evolution of Globic NCT, it can be specified for 90-month docking intervals. Globic 6000 is a new product in the Globic series, which builds on the same technology as Globic 9000. It is suitable for 60-month intervals.

Both Globic 9000 and Globic 6000 are designed around patented nano-capsule binder technology, which has consistently been refined by Hempel over the last ten years. Hempel says that analysis of indocking vessels using an antifouling based on this technology confirms they show very little evidence of fouling — even after five years at sea.

Oceanic+ is a more economical solution for 60-month intervals. It offers dependable performance in most trading waters, and is also available in a special version developed for flat-bottom applications.

Olympic+ is an evolution of Olympic, an antifouling with a documented record of strong and reliable performance in not overly aggressive fouling waters. It offers improved performance for 36-month service intervals.

According to Torben Rasmussen, Group Product Manager at Hempel, the company’s new antifoulings offer shipowners security in uncertain times: ‘We are proud that our new antifoulings offer our customers the confidence that comes with proven performance. All our new products are built on tried-and-tested technology and are developed using our unique method for evaluating and optimizing antifoulings.”

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