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Double christening for Evergreen Line at Samsung

Written by Marine Log Staff

Evergreen340x255SEPTEMBER 14, 2012—Ever Laden, the second L-type containership of Evergreen Line, was recently christened by S.S. Lin, the Evergreen Group’s First Vice Group Chairman, at the Samsung Heavy Industries shipyard in Korea. The ceremonial rope cutting for the new 8,452-TEU vessel was performed by Mrs. Mei-Sui Lin in a ceremony attended by dignitaries from Taiwan and abroad.

Lin also presided over the naming ceremony for Ever Lasting, the third L-type containership. The rope cutting for the Ever Lasting was conducted by Mrs. Lee-Ching Ko, Second Vice Group Chairman of Evergreen Group.

Ever Laden is owned by Greencompass Marine SA (GMS), EMC’s Panamanian subsidiary. Ever Lasting belongs to Evergreen Marine (UK) Ltd. The L-class containerships are 334 meters in length, 45.8 meters wide, with 942 reefer plugs and a draft of 14.2 meters.  The vessels can cruise at a speed up to 24.5 knots.  Both ships have joined Evergreen Line’s Far East – Europe routes.

For fleet upgrading and customers’ future capacity demand, Evergreen Group commenced a new shipbuilding project in 2010 and ordered 20 L-type vessels from Samsung Heavy Industries.  In 2011, Evergreen placed an order for another 10 vessels of the same specifications with Taiwan Shipbuilding Corp.  Seven of the 30 newbuildings are expected to be delivered by the end of this year.

L-class containerships meet the standards of international regulations for environmental protection and can reduce CO2 emission by 15% compared to the carrier’s earlier award-winning S-class eco-ships.

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