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CMA CGM offers cruises on giant containerships

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colommicroThey may not look like cruise ships from the outside, but CMA CGM, the world’s third largest container shipping group, is offering cruises on board the largest vessels in its fleet, its 13,800 TEU containerships. It says that last year 690 people chose to experience “cruising another way” by traveling on a containership.

The company even offers cruises aboard its flagship, the CMA CGM CHRISTOPHE COLOMB, which has a special private deck and spacious luxury cabins. Passengers also have access to a range of facilities such as a lounge with TV equipment, a library, a fitness room and even a swimming pool in which to relax. Passengers are in daily contact with the crew and take their meals at the Captain’s table.


The 13,800 TEU-vessels can accommodate up to 10 passengers in cabins ranging from 23 sq.m to a 37 sq,m suite cabin with a 14. sq.m private sundeck . All the cabins offer full comfort with private bathroom and toilets.

The prices are as follows (excluding the CMA CGM Christophe Colomb):

Standard Cabin:

EUR 90 per person per day for a double cabin

EUR 110 per person per day for a cabin (single use)

Suite Cabin:

EUR 120 per person per day for a double cabin

EUR 140 per person per day for a cabin (single use)

Onboard the CMA CGM Christophe Colomb the prices are

Standard Cabin:

EUR 110 per person per day for a double cabin

EUR 130 per person per day for a cabin (single use)

Suite Cabin:

EUR 130 per person per day for a double cabin

EUR 150per person per day for a cabin (single use)

As well as the Europe/Asia route plied by the 13,800 TEU containerships, CMA CGM Group offers trips on its other routes all over the world.


[important color=red title=CMA-CGM CARGO CRUISE ROUTES] North Europe – Asia: Climb aboard one of the jewels of CMA CGM’s fleet, deployed between Asia and Europe. Flying the french flag, they have extra large dimensions : 365 m. long, 51 m. wide, with a maze of passageways, gigantic holds, and massive machinery rooms.

Asia – Mediterranean: Discover historic Mediterranean ports like Jeddah (city of the mythical Tomb of Eve), the Suez Canal (a historic link uniting cultures), Malta (crossroads of Mediterranean civilizations), and follow Asian trade routes calling on the world’s largest ports.

USA – Asia: From the west coast of the U.S., embark on an adventure to visit the treasures of southern China. Discover the functioning of the world’s largest container port : Singapore.

Round the World: Europe – U.S.A. – Australia (via the Panama Canal): Follow in the footsteps of the Mayflower, sailing from northern Europe to the U.S. East Coast. From there, head through the Panama Canal to points west and dream destinations like Polynesia, New Caledonia, Australia and New Zealand.

Europe – Guyane – Brazil: Cross the Atlantic Ocean: from North Europe to Caribbean Sea, Brazil, Portugal and Spain.

The West Indian route: Travel the Atlantic Ocean from Le Havre to the West Indies and follow the West Indian bananas.


February 23, 2011

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