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BIMCO taps Admiral Brian Salerno as Washington, D.C., liason

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Admiral SalernoJUNE 25, 2012 — BIMCO announces today that the organization’s new U.S. Liaison Officer is to be Vice Admiral Brian Salerno, who this month retired from the U.S. Coast Guard as its Deputy Commandant for Operations at USCG Headquarters, Washington, D.C. He will join BIMCO on August 1, 2012.

Vice Admiral Salerno took up his final USCG appointment in May 2010, following assignments as the Assistant Commandant for Marine Safety, Security and Stewardship. He has also served as the Assistant Commandant for Policy and Planning, and as the Director of Inspections and Compliance at Coast Guard Headquarters.

In a 35 year career with the Coast Guard, Vice Admiral Salerno has predominantly worked within its Marine Safety program. He is a familiar face at IMO and has led numerous high level advisory committees, industry/stakeholder partnerships and international delegations on marine safety, security and environmental protection.

Vice Admiral Salerno was commissioned as an Ensign in 1976 and has commanded Coast Guard units in Boston and San Juan, where he also served as Captain of the Port. Assignments have included Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection, Federal On-Scene Co-ordinator for oil and hazardous materials in the coastal zone and Federal Maritime Security Co-ordinator. He has been marine safety advisor to the Panama Canal Authority.

Welcoming Vice Admiral Salerno’s new appointment, Torben Skaanild, BIMCO’s Secretary General and CEO said “Brian Salerno is a very accomplished and well respected professional with a huge insight into U.S .and international regulation and is bringing 35 years of experience from the USCG into his new role for BIMCO”.

As part of BIMCO’s international activities in key political centers for shipping around the world, BIMCO has two Liaison Officers. In Washington D.C., Vice Admiral Brian Salerno will be taking over from Rear Admiral Paul Pluta, who has retired, while in Brussels BIMCO is currently supported by Sir Robert Coleman.

Copenhagen headquartered BIMCO is the oldest of the international shipping associations, with a membership of a broad range of stakeholders with vested interests in the shipping industry, including ship-owners, managers, brokers and agents. The shipowner segment alone operates about 65 per cent of the world’s merchant fleet measured in deadweight tonnage.

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