New high-thrust MJP X-HT waterjet targets the crew transfer vessel market

Written by Marine Log Staff
X=HT waterjet

Photo: MJP

Marine Jet Power (MJP) has launched a new waterjet, the X-HT. Designed for exceptional efficiency in low to medium speed applications (up to 35 knots), the the new high thrust waterjet is particularly targeted at wind farm crew transfer vessels (CTVs) but has wider applicability for various workboats.

The X-HT continues the legacy of MJP’s X-Series, but is a high thrust variant offering capabilities tailored for vessels that require high thrust at slower speeds, making it wel-suited for the specialized needs of wind farm support vessels.

The series has a compact design that allows for larger diameter jets to be installed in narrower hulls, optimizing performance without compromising space. Additionally, the lower-input power capability of the X-HT ensures it remains lightweight and cost-effective to operate,

Key technical features of the new waterjet include:

  • Enhanced thrust and efficiency: The X-HT jets are designed to deliver more thrust compared to other jets in the same range and are optimized for efficiency at slow speeds. This makes the X-HT particularly well-suited for vessels operating in and around wind farms, where precise maneuvering and consistent power are essential.
  • Space-saving design: The compact design allows for larger diameter jets to be fitted into narrower hulls, maximizing thrust without requiring extensive modifications to the vessel’s structure.
  • Range of sizes and power ratings: The X-HT is currently available in three sizes, the 280 X-HT, 310 X-HT, and 350 X-HT, with maximum power ratings of 611 kW, 800 kW, and 1000 kW respectively. This range of options ensures that there is a suitable model for a variety of vessel types and operational requirements.
  • Environmentally friendly: Low-power operation reduces fuel consumption and emissions.

“We are excited to expand our X-Series line with the high thrust (HT)variant,” said Jonas Tegström, CEO of MJP, adding that the new variant “combines our cutting-edge technology with practical enhancements that meet the evolving needs of our customers, particularly in the wind farm sector, providing superior efficiency and thrust in a compact, economic package.”

“CTV operators prioritize high static thrust for safe and efficient crew transfers,” says Robert Magnusson, MJP’s global sales director. “This trend has led to a rise in propeller selection in recent years. However, with the introduction of our new MJP X-HT Series, we can now match the performance of the best propeller systems in static thrust, while still delivering the numerous advantages that waterjets offer.”

The new MJP waterjet is specifically engineered for applications that demand high performance at low to medium speeds, making it suitable for various commercial and industrial applications beyond wind farms, including passenger ferries, patrol boats, and other utility vessels.

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