MAN Energy Solutions wins order for HyProp ECO system

Written by Nick Blenkey
MAN 35/44DF engine

MAN 35/44DF engine

Hamburg-based tanker operator John T. Essberger is pursuing a fleet renewal program that aims to achieve an increase in energy efficiency of 30%. To help meet that objective, the first four 6,600 dwt dual-fuel chemical carriers in the program will have an integrated HyProp ECO propulsion solution from MAN Energy Solutions.

The ships are being built at the China Merchants Jinling Shipyard‘s subsidiary Dingheng shipyard. They’re scheduled for delivery from mid-2023 under an order that includes an option for four further ships.

MAN Energy Solutions scope of supply for each ship will be:

  • 1 × MAN 6L35/44DF diesel/gas-electric propulsion system, including GVU and plant equipment
  • 1 × Renk gearbox RSVL-1100 including one primary-PTO/PTH/PTI
  • 1 × MAN Alpha CP propulsion system including AT 3000 propulsion controls
  • 1 × MAN HyProp ECO – AKA integrated electric system consisting of shaft machine, frequency converter, bow-thruster motor and related AC switchboard enabling tailored modes of operation.

MAN will deliver the shipsets in association with Aspin Kemp & Associates (AKA), in which it has a 40% stake, and which specializes in power supply, energy management and drive systems for marine applications.


The Essberger ships’ HyProp ECO system offers a tailor-made solution where the electric equipment focuses on efficiency and flexibilty. Core components, like the converter unit, are designed to be used in multiple ways. These include operating the PTO when the propeller runs on the combinator curve, or to drive the bow-thruster or to supply the ship with shore-power. The system also offers an emergency propulsion mode with the same converter used as PTH starter. This intelligent layout enables all components to be kept as small as possible. Similarly, integrated bypasses avoid losses in the power electronics when not in use.

Solution includes AKA HyProp frequency converter

“This MAN propulsion system allows for a straightforward system integration that will make these newbuildings among the most efficient and low-emission in their class,” said Dejan Golub, newbuilding manager at John T. Essberger,

“We worked hard to build the case that a fully-integrated MAN solution built around the MAN HyPropECO system would better fulfill the owner’s requirements in terms of increasing energy efficiency and are very glad to have won this order,” said Lex Nijsen, Vice President and Head of Marine Europe, MAN Energy Solutions. “The scope of supply also matches MAN Energy Solutions’ desire to increasingly become a supplier of complete solutions.”

Jason Aspin, CEO Aspin Kemp & Associates, said “We are very excited that the client, Essberger, has chosen this integrated solution developed though an early supplier involvement and a collaborative design effort, leading to higher efficiency and lower emissions, which are cornerstones of AKA’s design philosophy.”

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