Kongsberg introduces new underwater mountable thruster with permanent magnet motor

Written by Marine Log Staff
underwater mountable thruster with permanent magnet motor

Image: Kongsberg Maritime

Kongsberg Maritime has added a new size of underwater mountable thruster, with a 3.7-meter propeller and 4.2 MW power output , to its range.

Suited to a range of vessels including drill ships, wind farm vessels, and production vessels, the new UUC PM 355 thruster delivers 81 tonnes of bollard pull and features a permanent magnet (PM) motor.

The UUC PM 355 has a compact design with less space required in the machine room thanks to the integrated PM motor.

Kongsberg Maritime has more than 25 years of experience in the development of underwater mountable thrusters, which can be exchanged without the need for drydocking, while the vessel remains in the water. Installation of the UUC range can be done at depths of up to 50 meters.

“Our UUC range of underwater mountable thrusters remains a popular choice across a range of offshore applications where minimising downtime is a priority,” said Kongsberg Maritime product line manager Pasi Villanen. “With this new UUC PM 355 thruster, we can offer increased thrust and simple installation, while reducing the amount of space required inside the vessel. The permanent magnet motor is common across much of our propulsion portfolio and for this type of thruster, its responsiveness and efficiency make it the ideal choice for dynamic positioning operations.”

Other features of the new thruster included low noise operation, less lubricating oil volume and no oil-to-sea interfaces, a key consideration in environmental protection.

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