W&O inks U.S. distributorship deal with Pres-Vac

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315W&O, Jacksonville, FL, has been recently named the exclusive distributor for Pres-Vac of its pressure/vacuum valve and inert gas systems in the U.S., as well as the only factory-authorized service center in North America. 

“We chose W&O as our exclusive U.S. distributor and only factory-authorized service center in North America due to the company’s combined years of experience in serving the marine industry and the innovative solutions they develop for their customers,” said John Lindhardt Frandsen, CEO of Pres-Vac Engineering Aps.  “W&O’s representatives have an astute understanding of the needs of marine vessel owners and operators, and are best positioned to integrate Pres-Vac’s valve and inert gas systems appropriately into projects where our products will provide the most benefit.”

W&O’s Automated Valve and Controls facility in Houston, TX, will house the only factory-authorized service center in North America, with all 15 domestic W&O branches serving as strategic distribution points throughout the U.S.  Pres-Vac holds  50 percent of the worldwide market in high-velocity pressure/vacuum valves, positively positioning W&O domestically as a leader in the industry.  Furthermore, Pres-Vac’s inert gas systems, including its marine nitrogen system, offer 30 percent energy savings over conventional systems, and provide a safe storage environment for hazardous cargo and preserve perishable goods.  

“Pres-Vac’s solutions have proven reliable and dependable, delivering beyond customer expectations and performance standards in tank venting requirements, which must operate fault-free for crew and cargo safety,” said Michael Hume, President and CEO of W&O.  “We’re confident that our partnership will provide significant ROI to our customers and Pres-Vac, while enhancing W&O’s leadership position as a value-added integrated solution provider in the maritime industry.”

Pres-Vac manufactures a comprehensive line of high-velocity pressure/vacuum valves and venting systems, which are required equipment on all cargo vessels transporting volatile organic compound (VOC) liquids.  Pres-Vac also offers a broad selection of tank fittings and auxiliary equipment, including liquid overfill protection devices used to prevent over-pressurization of tanks due to overfilling, onboard test rigs and ejectors.

In other company news, W&O has hired Todd Nestel as Engineered Solutions Manager.  Nestel, who has more than 20 years of marine engineering, shore-side industrial facilities and robotics experience, is responsible for overseeing W&O’s engineered solutions team and managing the development of engineered products, including W&O’s iShip FuelProof and FuelProof FUSION fuel management systems. 

“During the past decade, our business model has moved more towards being an engineered solutions partner to the marine industry in addition to being a commodity supplier, and our engineered products have been an integral part of that expansion,” said Michael Hume, President and CEO of W&O.  “This area of our business has grown exponentially during the past few years through new product offerings based on customer needs, which are delivered seamlessly due to the technical expertise of our team members and the return-on-investment for our customers.  We are confident that Todd’s experience and knowledge of our industry will only enhance our ability to deliver engineered marine solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations.”

W&O’s engineered solutions for the marine industry utilize leading-edge technology to create engineered and automated products that streamline operations and lower lifetime operating costs.  The engineered solutions team has been at the forefront of innovation in bringing more accurate fuel monitoring and measurement to the marine industry through its iShip FuelProof and FuelProof FUSION products, as an example of the types of engineered products that Todd will manage.  Todd is tasked with continuing to expand W&O’s solutions through new product development and successful implementation of engineered products into customer projects, which includes partnering with customers to develop optimal on-board efficiencies. 

Prior to joining W&O, Nestel served in multiple sales and engineering manager roles for several marine industry-related companies.  He has extensive experience in marine vessel operations and robotics, contributing greatly to his industry expertise and ability to identify opportunities to streamline vessel operations and functions.  He graduated from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy with a dual major in marine engineering and marine transportation, and served as Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Naval Reserve.


January 19, 2012

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