Canary Islands yard can now handle larger OSVs

Written by Nick Blenkey
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JUNE 17, 2015 — Spanish shipbuilding group Zamakona Yards reports that its Canary Islands shipyard, Repnaval SA, is now operating its new number 4 slipway.

After an investment of nearly EUR 5 million, the new slipway will, effectively, double the shipyard’s haul out potential. While, like Repsol’s three other slips, it can handle vessels up to 120 m length by 20 m beam, it can handle vessels of up to 5,500 tons. The yard’s haul out limit was previously 3,200 tons. The added capability means that Repnaval can now serve almost 80% of the vessels that operate in its area.

“We have undertaken this major investment mainly to respond to the numerous fleets of OSV ships operating our area, some of which have had to stop attending because they cannot get their specifications, especially in tonnage,” says Mr. Álvaro Garaygordóbil, CEO of the Zamakona Yards group in the Canary Islands.

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