SENER releases new version of FORAN

Written by Marine Log Staff
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Spanish engineering and technology specialist SENER has launched ths launched the new V80R4.0 version of its ship design system FORAN, which is currently licensed at more than 150 shipyards and design offices in 40 countries.

The V80R4.0 version is the result of almost two years of developments, and incorporates important new functionalities in all design disciplines, improves many existing ones, and at the same time facilitates the digitalization of shipyards and their design and production processes.

One of the main features of the new version is the adoption of a new visualization engine, that provides:

New functionalities and improvements are available in all modules. These include:

  • Dynamic highlight of elements
  • New selective mode
  • New mouse-integrated navigation mode
  • Compatibility with most modern graphic libraries
  • New user preferences file editor
  • HLR and HLD representation methods
  • Availablity of snap points
  • Transparent mode for real limits
  • Raytracing display mode

New functionalities and improvements are available in all modules. These include:

  • New intact and damage stability criteria for special ships
  • Automatic generation of damage conditions
  • Definition of friction coefficient for dynamic launching calculations
  • Usability in applicability (management of sister ships)
  • Automatic simplification of imported CAD models
  • New module for generation of cutting sequences
  • New context for previewing of cutting sequences
  • Welds management
  • New module for generation and edition of isometrics
  • Variable-radius bended pipe pieces
  • Impact control for modifications
  • Interactive comparison of routes for cables
  • Verification of cables routing efficiency
  • Detection of cable overfilled or overweighed segments
  • Fourth generation integration (interoperability) with PLM systems
  • API providing external, remote and read-only access to FORAN data for user applications
  • Enhancement of FORAN Assistant capabilities (AI)

The V80R4.0 version includes tools allowing the migration of projects from previous versions, facilitating the updates of user installations.

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