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It’s all about safety, efficiency and predictability.

SPONSORED CONTENT: In the realm of maritime transportation, Kongsberg Maritime is leading the way with its innovative ferry solutions. These offerings are not just about harnessing green energy sources; they encompass a comprehensive approach that increases automation to enhance safety, passenger comfort, predictability, and reliability.

Safety and efficiency through automation

Ferry operations are demanding, involving tight timetables, continuous loading and unloading, and the paramount responsibility of ensuring passengers’ safety and cargo integrity. By automating critical, repeatable and time-consuming tasks, Kongsberg Maritime is redefining ferry operations to be safer and more predictable.

With advanced navigation and maneuvering control systems, ferry operators have the tools they need at their fingertips, all presented through an intuitive user interface. The newly developed all-speed autopilot assumes full control of the ferry, from station-keeping to transit speed, without requiring the navigator to switch between control systems.

Two key features, the “Automatic Docking” and “Adaptive Transit” functions, play pivotal roles in ensuring safe and efficient ferry journeys. Automatic Docking enables precise and predictable berthing and unberthing operations. Integrated with mooring and charging systems seamless arrival and departure is guaranteed, every time. Meanwhile, the Adaptive Transit function dynamically adjusts the route and speed to minimize energy consumption while adhering to the timetable, striking the perfect balance between environmental responsibility and operational efficiency.

The newly developed, camera based Situational Awareness system, are introducing means like electronic lookout and automatic collision avoidance in combination with the traditional bridge systems.

Green energy solutions

Kongsberg Maritime’s commitment to sustainability is evident through its electric ferry solutions. By combining engines with various fuels, batteries and fuel cells, these ferries offer low-emission hybrid configurations or, in some cases, achieve zero emissions. The heart of this eco-friendly setup is the K-Power integrated switchboard and frequency drives, with a sophisticated built-in energy management and mode control based on our K-Chief automation system. This integration ensures that the vessel operates at maximum efficiency while minimizing its impact on the environment.

Predictive maintenance

To optimize the uptime of propulsion and machinery components, KONGSBERG utilizes vibration sensors, along with temperature and pressure readings, for condition monitoring of vital equipment.

Advanced analytics on power distribution, generators, motors, and other rotating machinery can predict failure situations. Accurate remaining lifetime calculations enable better maintenance planning, preventing equipment breakdown and costly off-hire. Coupled with encrypted connectivity and cloud computing, these analytics are available for both shore control centers and onboard use.

Integration for maximum benefits

Kongsberg Maritime’s vision extends beyond individual components; it’s about creating an integrated ecosystem that maximizes safety, efficiency, and sustainability. By harmonizing operations, energy management, and handling solutions, Kongsberg Maritime delivers comprehensive vessel concepts that unlock tremendous benefits.

These benefits span from increased efficiency and reduced operational costs to intelligent asset management and an ongoing cycle of learning and improvement. Thanks to data sharing and enhanced understanding, better real-time and long-term decisions are made possible, whether at sea or on land.

For more information, please contact us at km.sales@km.kongsberg.com.

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