Brødrene Aa books order for first three Aero concept ferries

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Brødrene Aa is to build a total of three Aero concept vessels for Attica Group.

Norwegian shipbuilder Brødrene Aa, which specializes in fast ferries with carbon fiber composite hulls, has been awarded an order worth NOK 220 million (about $26 million( to build three high speed catamarans to serve Greece’s Saaronic Islands.

They will operate for the Attica Group, a majot provider of passenger and cargo ferry services in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The ferries are the first to be built to Brødrene Aa’s Aero concept, a new design with focus on weight reduction and low energy consumption, that puts all functions on one deck

The three vessels will be 36 meters in length with a capacity of 150 passengers and operate at a maximum speed of 34 knots. The extremely light carbon fiber construction contributes to the reduction of fuel consumption and air emissions, and consequently to the mitigation of the carbon footprint and to the gradual transition to a greener economy. In line with this goal, and to further improve the energy efficiency of the vessels, they will be equipped with solar panels that will generate the energy required for all lighting and energy consumption of the accommodation areas.

“This is an important contract for Brødrene Aa,” says Tor Øyvin Aa, CEO of Brødrene Aa. “We are proud to partner up with Attica, as a leading shipping company in the Mediterranean, and we highly appreciate their innovative step as the first ship operator to bring our newly developed Aero design to the market.”

Construction of the vessels will begin at the shipyard’s facilities immediately, and all three are set to be in operation in Greek waters by summer 2022.

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