F&G approves use of Siemens jacking control system

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Friede & Goldman JU2000E jack-up

SEPTEMBER 25, 2014 — According to Siemens, Friede and Goldman, Ltd. (F&G) has confirmed that Siemens jacking control system is approved for use on its jack-up rig designs. F&G customers will now have an option to choose Siemens jacking control systems for new rig designs in conjunction with F&G’s proprietary jacking system.

“The Siemens jacking control system offers a layered approach to safety, redundancy and robust design our customers require in their applications, providing them with a technically sound system,” said Matt Hemker of F&G. The Siemens jacking control system is a patented, layered, and fully automated, all electric system. The partnership will benefit customers by providing a safe and reliable jacking control system with less down time than other control system designs. The Siemens control system uses a VFD (variable frequency drive) design which allows for no single point of failure.”

“Siemens welcomes the opportunity to work with an industry leading naval architecture firm. The announcement demonstrates our continued commitment to the marine and oil and gas markets,” says David Grucza, director of marine vertical, Siemens Industry, Inc.

In addition to jacking control systems, Siemens provides gearboxes, electric motor drive systems, diesel electric propulsion and electrical systems for offshore rigs, platforms and vessels.

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