4Subsea launches new tool to optimize vessel operability

Written by Nick Blenkey
Vessel using 4Subsea solution

New 4Subsea solution is set to be used by a major operator in its operations on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. [Image: 4Subsea]

Asker, Norway, headquartered Subsea 7 Group member 4Subsea has secured its first contract for a new digital solution designed to enhance the operability of any weather-dependent marine vessel operation.

Called Marine Operations DynOps, the new solution utilizes 4Subsea’s 4Insight data sharing platform to support decision-making based on analytics and to reduce operational inefficiencies. It enables ship operators to use vessel sensors, motion sensors and GPS data in conjunction with weather forecasts to accurately predict how a ship will react to the environment up to a week in advance.

Having secured a first contract win, the service is now set to be used by a major shipping operator in its operations on the Norwegian Continental Shelf to mitigate challenges posed by the region’s harsh environments.

DynOps combines live vessel response data and weather forecasts with advanced analytics to predict vessel operability with high accuracy and support decision making. DynOps has been found to reduce waiting on weather for marine operations by up to 30%, vastly reducing cost and time.

“The launch of DynOps and the success in securing its first contract marks a milestone development for 4Subsea,” said 4Subsea CEO Peter Jenkins. “By providing both onshore and offshore personnel with the ability to safely prepare for operations up to a week in advance, companies can not only make significant savings on the cost of their campaigns, but also ensure that they are done in a timely fashion.”

 4Subsea CEO Peter Jenkins
4Subsea CEO Peter Jenkins

“The future of marine operations will see an increasing focus on sustainability, automation and digitalization,” Jenkins added. “For the offshore wind sector, it will soon help streamline the installation process and, looking further ahead, will also smoothen maintenance procedures when operational.”

Established in 2007, 4Subsea is a provider of technology and services that help operators optimize energy production from subsea oil & gas fields and offshore wind farms. It combines domain expertise with data analytics and digital services to maximize lifetime of assets, reduce operational cost and optimize future projects through data-driven design.   

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