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USACE takes delivery of foil assisted survey vessel

Written by Nick Blenkey
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SEPTEMBER 13, 2017 — New Orleans, LA, based Technology Associates, Inc. (TAI) has completed a contract for the design and construction of a high speed foil assisted hydrographic survey vessel.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Baltimore District accepted delivery of the vessel last month.

The all-aluminum foil assisted catamaran has been named S/V Catlett and measures 61 ft 4 in, length overall, by 24 ft beam.

It is designed to serve a primary mission of conducting hydrographic surveys using sophisticated multibeam and single beam sonars.

The vessel was fabricated jointly with subcontractor Aluma Marine at its facilities in Harvey, LA.

Designed and built to Lloyd’s Special Service Craft rules, the catamaran is equipped with 1,970 BHP MAN V8 propulsion engines which turn two Hamilton waterjets allowing for quick mobilization and response at high speeds in excess of 38 knots and survey speeds up to 10 knots.

Hydrographic survey capabilities features SONIC 2024 Multibeam sonars and single frequency sonars mounted inside a retractable survey pod. The vessel has a galley, mess, and sleeping accommodations.

Mr. Anil Raj, President of TAI said; “This vessel Design and Build Program was delivered on budget and on schedule. The successful project performance, at the heels of a similar fast response fire boat project performed by the team for the U.S. Army, resulted from the partnership spirit with which the USACE Marine Design Center (MDC), USACE Baltimore District and TAI who jointly implemented the project.

“The fabrication yard, Aluma Marine and the craftsmen who worked with and supported TAI personnel at the facility are to be commended.

“We are happy that the USACE received a custom craft suiting all of its requirements, and that the USACE is pleased with the craft’s performance, as well as the crew training provided under the contract. This is the first of three similar USACE contracts TAI has. The others are for USACE Norfolk and Mobile districts.”

The foil assisted catamaran system offers high speeds with minimal installed BHP and fuel consumption. This configuration with a 400 NM range and swift speed capability makes this type of craft well suited to near coastal and harbor patrol, interdiction and search and rescue roles.

TAI has a patrol boat variant design of this vessel.

Foil Cat – patrol boat variant



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