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Shell Indonesia plant now producing marine lubricants

Written by Nick Blenkey
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NOVEMBER 9, 2016 — Just over one year from the start of its operations, Shell’s newest lubricant oil blending plant (LOBP), located in Marunda Center, near Jakarta, Indonesia, has more than doubled its production range and is now producing 99 different products. Its latest additions are Shell marine engine oils Shell Argina, Shell Gadinia, and Shell Melina.

Shell Argina and Shell Gadinia engine oils are used in marine propulsion engines for small to mid-size vessels, marine auxiliary engines and for stationary power generation.

Shell Melina is an advanced multifunctional crankcase system lubricant for low-speed marine diesel engines.

The local production of these marine lubricants is in response to the increase in demand for marine lubricants, due to the growing domestic maritime sector in Indonesi — a result of the Indonesian government’s maritime highway program, which involves developing the country’s maritime infrastructure by upgrading ports throughout the archipelago.

To support this initiative, Shell Marine ensures continuity of supply by providing stock point centers located in major ports in Indonesia to serve domestic and international marine customers with the product they need, when and where they need them.

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