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Russia sinks another merchant ship

Written by Nick Blenkey
Russian attack on merchant ship

Merchant ship M/V Azburg was attacked by Russian forces and subsequently sank in port of Mariupol, Ukraine [Image: @Polk_Azov]

Confirming several Ukrainian reports, the Commonwealth of Dominica Maritime Administration (DMA) reports that the motor vessel Azburg (IMO number 9102899) was indiscriminately attacked, sank and completely destroyed while at berth in Mariupol, Ukraine.

The incident follows earlier reports of Russian attacks on merchant ships and of mines being released into the Black Sea.

Eric R. Dawicki, Deputy Administrator of Maritime Affairs of the Commonwealth of Dominica Maritime Administration states: “An act of war is an act of cowards, bullies and fragile men. The indiscriminate shelling of a merchant vessel with a civilian crew with no place to seek refuge is the lowest of lows. It is an act of war against all of humanity and basic human rights.

This Administration deplores these attacks on a Commonwealth of Dominica flagged vessel and insists that the emotionally and intellectually stunted men behind this heinous act look themselves closely in the mirror and discover how to end such senseless motives. There is nothing good that comes out of war – NOTHING!”

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