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Pearlson Shiplift says it has its largest ever project in the works

Written by Marine Log Staff
Pearlson shiplift contracts include major BAE Jacksonville Ship Repair project

Pearlson shiplift contracts include major BAE Jacksonville Ship Repair project

Miami. Fla., based Pearlson Shiplift Corporation has had what it calls “an incredibly successful start to 2023.” Now, with several high profile projects already in place, it says that it has an undisclosed major project to be announced. According to Pearlson COO Bryan Fraind, it will be “the largest of its kind ever seen in its commercial market.”

Beyond that, Pearlson is revealing little about the major newbuild contract that, it says, “will take the crown as the largest of its kind in its commercial market.”

Meantime, even without the mystery contract, Pearlson says it is the only shiplift supplier in the world to have secured any new shiplift contracts in the past three years, with four projects confirmed in just the last nine months. These include projects with BAE Systems – Jacksonville Ship Repair, the Korean Coast Guard and Horizon Yacht Company.

Continuing a family legacy that began in 1957 when Raymond Pearlson designed the very first shiplift, the privately-held corporation currently has an order backlog in excess of $200 million and attributes its success to a commitment to design and build quality systems that stand the test of time.

“Shiplift systems are the most cost-effective drydocking solution for capacities between 1,000 tons and 35,000 tons,” says Fraind. “Even in the middle of the world pandemic, our leadership saw the vacuum in the market for the replacement of aging and outdated drydocking solutions.”

Pearlson has also been able to overcome the supply challenges that still beset many companies.

“Pearlson owns the proprietary designs of over one thousand shiplift hoists in the world,” says Fraind. “We manufacture these machines in various, pre-qualified factories to meet the needs of the expanding market. When one factory is at capacity or experiences a supply chain issue, we have others that can easily pick up the slack. As our company grows in sales, we have been dedicating the same, if not more, resources to our own internal supply chain staff to ensure we keep up with demand.”

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