AMS announces winners of 2016 Safety Awards

Written by Nick Blenkey
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SEPTEMBER 26, 2016 — American Maritime Safety, Inc. reports that Liberty Maritime Corporation, McAllister Towing, Andrie, Inc. and Foss Maritime will be the recipients of the 2016 AMS Safety Awards.

The companies will be recognized during AMS’s annual membership meeting at the Yale Club, New York City, on October 13, 2016.

AMS is a non-profit maritime trade association that facilitates the maritime industry’s compliance with international shipping protocols and U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) regulations. The AMS consortium is comprised of more than 400 vessel owners and operators. It is the leading maritime industry association specializing in regulatory compliance in the United States.

Every year, the AMS Safety Advisory Committee presents member companies with Safety Awards in recognition of their dedication to preserving the marine environment and promoting safe vessel navigation, operations and maritime work practices. These Safety Awards are designed to recognize vessel operators for their proactive efforts toward achieving safe and responsible vessel practices.

Liberty Maritime Corporation will receive the Quality Ship Management Award, which recognizes the implementation of ISM Quality Control Systems that enhance crewmember efficiency and reduce marine casualties.

“Liberty Maritime Corporation (LMC) is honored to be the recipient of the AMS 2016 Quality Ship Management Award,” says LMC. “For nearly 30 years, LMC has strived to ensure the management of its vessels is accomplished at the highest level of quality. LMC’s Health & Safety and Environmental Policies have always placed the safety of the crew and the protection of the environment at the forefront of the management of its vessels, as is evidenced by this prestigious award. LMC is proud to be recognized by AMS for its ongoing efforts to continually improve its Safety Management System. On behalf of the Owners, shoreside managers and onboard seafarers that carry out the policies and procedures of its Safety Management System, LMC graciously accepts this honor.”

McAllister Towing will receive the Tug and Barge Safety Award, which recognizes the implementation of outstanding compliance programs that serve to enhance crewmember efficiency and the safe operation of tug and barge vessels in U.S. coastal waters.

“McAllister Towing is honored to be named the recipient of AMS’s 2016 Tug and Barge Safety Award,” said Steve Kress, Vice President of Operations for McAllister. “We take the safety of not only our operations but especially our crew members extremely seriously. There are no short cuts for safety and efficiency and we observe these measures while ensuring our customer receives the quality service they expect. McAllister does this by making sure our crews are well trained, have the best equipment and that each Port has the proper mix of tugs to handle the anticipated demand from shippers and barges alike. As McAllister’s policy states ‘Safety First! Before undertaking any job, our first priority is to make sure the work can be done safely, for everyone.’ “

Andrie, Inc. will receive the Safe Working Practices Award, which recognizes the implementation of safe working practices for vessel personnel that serve to promote the safe navigation and operation of vessels calling at U.S. ports.

“Andrie, Inc. is extremely honored to be recognized by AMS with the Safe Working Practices Award,” said Matthew Stump, Manager for Andrie, Inc. “Since our incorporation in 1988, Andrie has empowered our employees to be the benchmark in safety and performance across the markets we serve. At Andrie, we strive to excel operationally through our continuous improvement process that includes a culture of behavior based safety and a partnership with our customers and regulatory agencies, to conduct training that focuses on safety, security, as well as environmental responses. We have employed a safety management system to ensure the safety and wellbeing of employees. Andrie employees live their core values with a ‘Can Do It Safely Attitude.’ This guiding principle impacts our people to act safely whether at work or at home.”

Foss Maritime will receive the American Maritime Safety Award, which recognizes the implementation of a drug and alcohol awareness program for crewmembers that perform safety sensitive functions on vessels calling at U.S. ports.

“Foss has a long history of leading the industry in safety and innovation, and we are honored by this recognition of our drug and alcohol policy,” said Foss President John Parrott. “Our primary concern in all that we do is to keep our employees, equipment and the environments in which we operate safe. We do this with robust safety programs and systems, a constant commitment to improving our reporting and methods, and our relentless push to zero lives lost. Foss’ policy, which was updated in 2015, addresses the concerns of opioid abuse and other addiction issues, the legalization of marijuana in many states, and why a zero-tolerance stance is essential to the company’s safety initiatives, and in meeting increasing customer demands and regulations.”

“For decades Foss has built a strong reputation of being always ready,” said Foss CEO Paul Stevens in a recent video to employees about the policy. “In more recent years we’ve added always safe. One way that we deliver on this commitment is by upholding a drug and alcohol policy that keeps employees and equipment safe and ready for whenever we report to work.”

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