OSD adds Azistern 2870 harbor tug to its portfolio

Written by Nick Blenkey
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JANUARY 18, 2018 — IJmuiden, Netherlands, headquartered Offshore Ship Designers (OSD) has launched a new tug design as part of its expanding portfolio of fuel-efficient vessels.

The 390 gt Azistern 2870 harbor tug has a hard chine hull form which optimizes energy-saving during transit and results in a very low wash, a valuable attribute in crowded ports and harbors.

It has a bollard pull of 70 tonnes and a maximum speed of 12 knots. With accommodations for six persons, it has an overall length of 28.3 m, and a breadth of 11.5 m.

The Azistern 2870 combines compact vessel length with high bollard pull. It has been designed with multiple deck equipment options to meet specific end-user preferences.

Options can include a double drum forward towing winch with integrated horizontal anchor windlass and mooring warping heads, or a forward towing winch with separate vertical anchor windlass/capstan units. A double drum aft winch can be included in a semi-sheltered position, and the towing hook comes with multiple positioning options.

The vessel can also be fitted with a stern roller, deck crane, and FiFi monitors, and the design provides for the possible installation of a bow-thruster unit.

The Azistern 2870 has been designed with fully MLC-compliant crew cabins that include a number of ensuite washrooms. There is semi-sheltered access to accommodations and ample space for storage of loose deck equipment. The vessel also features semi-sheltered engine room intake louvers and fully enclosed dedicated deck store lockers and rope store lockers, ideal for operation in cold-weather regions.

OSD technical manager Herm Jan de Vries says, “The Azistern 2870 is the very latest addition to our Azistern family. Like its sisters, it is a highly flexible vessel which offers operators the innovative options they need in today’s challenging market conditions. The basic design is on the shelves, which results in a short delivery time for clients.”

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