SNL duo get extra time to find new home for retired Staten Island ferry

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Buyers have been given extra time to tow retired ferry to a new site

New York City has given the buyers of the retired Staten Island John F. Kennedy ferry extra time to move the vessel.

As we reported earlier, the vessel was bought an online auction by Staten natives and Saturday Night Live stars Pete Davidson and Colin Jost, investing along with the Stand comedy-club co-owner Paul Italia, who placed the winning bid of $280,100 for the ferry on January 19.

The conditions of sale said that the successful bidder was “responsible for removal or pick-up of item(s) from agency’s premises. Removal must occur within 10 business days after notification of award of the winning bid.”

However, the New York Post reports that New York City is giving the buyers extra time to find a docking place for the 277 foot long ferry.

It reports Italia as saying that City Hall is giving them an extension.

“They’re working with us,” the newspaper quotes him as saying. “They know it’s not an easy task, and they are being very helpful.”

Mayor Eric Adams had earlier told Davidson and Jost on Twitter he “loved” their plans, adding “let us know how we can help and we’ll be there for the maiden voyage.”

The group has plans to turn the ferry into New York’s largest night club says the Post, adding that they want to hire two tugboats and tow the ferry to a yet-to-be determined pier in Brooklyn or Staten Island, where it will sit throughout the renovations until a permanent home is found.

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