Windea CTV quartet now complete and operational

Written by Marine Log Staff
Windea CTV

Photo: St Johns Ship Building

Windea CTV LLC reports that it has now taken delivery of all four of the Jones Act compliant hybrid-ready crew transfer vessels ordered by it earlier at three U.S. shipyards: St. Johns Ship Building in Palatka, Fla., Gulf Craft in Franklin, La., and Breaux Brothers Enterprises in New Iberia, La. According to designer Incat Crowther, the USCG Subchapter L-certified Windea CTVs are capable of transporting 24 technicians in the safety and comfort of a resiliently mounted superstructure. In addition to spacious seating, the main deck level of the superstructure features a large galley and mess area, two bathrooms and dedicated internal storage space.

Windea CTV LLC is a joint venture between the Hornblower Group and MidOcean Wind LLC and Hornblower Group, with close support from Windea Offshore GmbH & Co. KG and its German shareholders.

Each CTV is operated by local crews trained under the unique conditions of each offshore wind development to reliably and efficiently provide transit without negatively impacting the local environment or other marine operations.

“Windea CTV has been making offshore wind personnel and equipment transfers since August 2023 and our fleet has steadily grown to where we are today. We are thrilled to now have four purpose built CTVs in operation. Our operating partner Hornblower has done an outstanding job scaling our service with the growth of the fleet.” said Bradley Neuberth, of MidOcean Wind LLC and managing partner of Windea CTV LLC. “Today is an important marker in the establishment of the North American OSW industry, and we are proud to deliver on the promise of designing, building, and operating U.S. built CTVs that will help bring renewable energy to millions of homes. Due to the challenges posed by supply chain disruptions, inflation, and fluctuating interest rates during since 2022, navigating the construction and delivery processes has been no easy feat. Fortunately, through close collaboration with our partners, stakeholders, and suppliers, we have successfully overcome these obstacles to achieve this noteworthy milestone at a pivotal time in the industry’s development.”

The four vessels include the previously delivered Windea Courageous and Intrepid, as well as the recently completed and delivered Windea Ranger and Enterprise, all named after America’s Cup sailing yachts.

The Enterprise will enter service alongside the Courageous and Intrepid in New Bedford and Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. The Ranger will enter service in Norfolk, Virginia. A fifth CTV will join Ranger in Norfolk in early 2025.

“Launching a brand-new fleet of purpose-built CTVs is a pivotal component in the North American offshore wind market’s efforts to deliver on ambitious federal and state renewable energy goals both today and in the years ahead,” said Timothy O’Brien, senior vice president of ferries and transportation, Hornblower Group. “With Windea’s fleet of newly-built vessels, our government and offshore wind sector partners are provided the reliability and capacity needed to successfully service U.S. wind farm operations without sacrificing sustainability, safety, or efficiency.”

In addition to its newly built CTVs currently in operation, Windea CTV’s fleet includes the Gateway Endeavor, a traditional crew vessel that underwent a CTV conversion by Hornblower Marine in Bridgeport, Conn., prior to entering service with Windea in 2023. It is currently operated by Seaward Services, Inc., a subsidiary of Hornblower Group.

“Successfully establishing the U.S. offshore wind industry requires both expertly qualified crew and purpose-built CTVs capable of consistently meeting the robust and rapidly changing conditions of North American offshore operations,” said Scott Keever, vice president of Seaward Services, Inc. “Windea’s entire fleet of vessels, as operated by our diverse crew, is now core to the industry’s future accomplishments and will continue to lead the CTV space for years to come.”

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