Sea-Cargo to retrofit RO/RO with tilting rotor sails

Written by Nick Blenkey
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In addition to rotor sails, ship will be fitted with battery pack

Norwegian multipurpose vessel operator Sea-Cargo is to retrofit its 1997-built RO/RO SC Connector with rotor sails and a battery pack. Installation is scheduled for fourth quarter 2020 and Sea-Cargo says that, in good wind conditions, the sailing hybrid vessel will maintain regular service speed by sail alone.

Sea-Cargo has developed a new and unique technology that allows the sails to be raised and lowered while sailing. This tilt feature is designed for the extreme conditions in the North Sea, and allows the vessel to get under bridges, overhead powerlines and into port.

The sails are 35 meters tall and 5 meters wide Norsepower rotor sails. The vessel’s total airdraft will be 56 meters, 8 meters taller than the Statsraad Lehmkul, which is currently Norway’s tallest sailing ship. The battery pack will be supplied by Norwegian Electric Systems.

“We are delighted to be working with Sea-Cargo, not only as they are keen to demonstrate their commitment to maximizing the propulsive power of wind to reduce emissions, but also for their cooperation and innovation in making tilting rotor sails a reality,” said Tuomas Riski, CEO, of Norsepower. “Rotor sails are particularly well suited to RO/RO vessels and working with Sea-Cargo to deliver a tilting rotor sail ensures we are providing an adaptable solution which fits with particular vessel requirements, specifically demonstrating vessels with height restrictions to benefit from the rotor sail solution.”

Tilt feature will ease ship’s passage under bridges
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