Advanced Polymer Coatings picked for Proman Stena Bulk newbuilds

Written by Marine Log Staff
Promax Stena Bulk newbuild

Two new ships being built for Proman Stena Bulk are the first of their kind to be built in China.

Avon, Ohio, based Advanced Polymer Coatings (APC) has landing a new deal to supply its MarineLINE tank coating system on two new ships being built for Proman Stena Bulk, a joint venture between the leading tanker opertor Stena Bulk AB and Proman, the world’s second largest methanol producer.

APC will begin supplying Guangzhou Shipyard International (GSI), the biggest shipbuilder in South China, in early 2023 The agreement will see APC’s team work on two 49,990 dual-fuel DWT tankers which are part of a fleet of six methanol dual-fueled tankers GSI is building. The state-of-the-art ships are the first of their kind ever constructed in China. Each tanker will use 12,500 tonnes of methanol a year virtually eliminating SOx and particulate matter (PM) emissions and cutting NOx emissions by 60%. CO2 emissions will be reduced by up to 15%, on a tank to wake basis, versus conventional marine fuels.

APC marine manager Capt Onur Yildirim said APC’s team will apply MarineLINE to 17 cargo tanks on each vessel covering more than 50,000 square meters

“We’re immensely proud to secure this deal with Proman Stena Bulk,” he said. “We recognize the project is about building some of the most advanced tankers ever constructed. MarineLINE can play its role in the innovation. For example, MarineLINE can have very positive environmental benefits as it is easier and quicker to clean than epoxy coatings. This means less of the ship’s engine fuel is used to heat hot water which can help cut emissions. In addition, faster cleaning times are better for the environment as they cut the chemical cleaning agent required, and slops generated, by up to half compared to epoxy coatings. Moreover, faster cleaning times enables quicker ship turnaround which in turn can free up additional sailing days all improving the performance ability of the vessel. APC’s team here in Ohio and in China also know the GSI shipyard well which will help us provide efficient heat curing and application services at the yard.”

Capt Yildirim said MarineLINE’s robust performance qualities helped it win the Proman Stena Bulk deal.

“MarineLINE can protect cargo tanks from more IMO approved chemicals than any other coating in the world covering thousands of aggressive chemicals,” said Yildirim. “Critically this enables operators to carry a wide variety of different cargos frequently without risk of cross contamination.”

“We very much look forward to working with Proman Stena Bulk on the full life cycle of the coating from application to maintenance,” he said.

APC reports it now accounts for more than 12% of the global cargo tank coating market with more than 700 vessels coated worldwide. Exports are underpinning APC’s growth. with key markets including China, the Arab Gulf, Croatia and Turkey.

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