oil and gas sale leasing delays condemned by Congress members
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Trump vetoes NDAA, but override looks likely

President Donald Trump today vetoed the National Defense Authorization Act for 2021. He opened his veto message with this statement: “I am returning, without my approval, H.R. 6395, the National Defense Authorization

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Commissioner Doyle to leave FMC

NOVEMBER 27, 2017—In a statement released today, Commissioner William P. Doyle of the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission said he would be leaving his post effective January 3, 2018. “Last week, I notified The President

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Senate confirms Elaine Chao nomination

JANUARY 31, 2017 — The U.S. Senate confirmed by a 93-6 vote Elaine Chao’s nomination to be transportation secretary in the Trump administration. Secretary Chao’s nomination was broadly welcomed by the U.S.