ship recycling chart

Ship recycling set to soar

Niels Rasmussen, chief shipping analyst at BIMCO, has been giving his attention to an expected spike in ship recycling numbers over the next 10 years, partly due to the shipping industry facing

Trends in exhaust gas scrubber ship fittings

Scrubber fitting trends: What’s happening?

Niels Rasmussen, chief shipping analyst at BIMCO has been crunching the numbers on the percentage of ships fitted with exhaust gas scrubbers, or exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS) more formally. “Scrubbers were

Peter Sand

Peter Sand leaves BIMCO to join Xeneta

BIMCO’s chief shipping analyst Peter Sand is leaving the international shipping association to join Oslo-headquartered ocean and air freight rate benchmarking and market analytics platform Xeneta, where he will serve as chief