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Low sulfur fuel capacity increased in Colombian port

Written by Marine Log Staff


OCTOBER 10, 2012—One of the keys to complying with the the North American Emissions Control Area (ECA), which went into force this past August, is the availability of quality low sulfur fuel. One of the leading suppliers of marine fuel, Bunkers International, Orlando, FL, recently introduced a new low sulfur fuel and some added capacity in the Port of Buena Ventura, Colombia.

Working with its joint venture partners, Australian bunkering and Vanoil, Bunkers International recently announced the launch of a new double-hulled barge Bocas Del Carare in the Port of Buena Ventura.

“Buena Ventura is Colombia’s largest volume port, but it has long suffered from the lack of bunker barges,” says Bunkers International CEO John Canal.

“The Bocas Del Carare has a 1,000 MT capacity, when we combine it with our other two barges of 650 MT and 400 MT, we now have the capacity to deliver in higher volumes to vessels calling in Buena Ventura that are going trans-Asia and to North America.”

The new barge has dual product capacity and supports both HSFO and LSFO. The Bocas Del Carare construction was completed earlier this year and the Bocas Del Carare is already in service and has completed several deliveries.

Canal says the new barge is currently segregated with 400 MT of LSFO and 600 MT of HSFO. “However, our normal sulfur product runs about 1.3% anyway, so it is very easy for us strip any of the tanks and put them all into LSFO if needed, as well we have the additional barges which can carry up to 1000 MT of LSFO or HSFO.  We finally have approval for our double-hull bunker tanker Cartagena Sun to deliver offshore Cartagena.  She is 6000 MT, her break down will be about 4,000 MT HSFO, 1,500 MT LSFO, and 500 MT MGO. Again, our base HSFO has a 1.3% sulfur, so we can do larger orders of LSFO if needed.” Canal anticipates the Cartagena Sun being positioned offshore Cartegna at the end of this month.

Canal adds: “Something to note about our LSFO, our viscosity for 380 LSFO runs around 300-380 cst, with low metals.  Much of the LSFO that is available in this hemisphere is heavily blended and we see viscosities as low as 30 cst with higher metal content and poor CCAI ratings.  Price wise, most 380 LSFO in the North and South America Hemisphere prices anywhere from $100 / MT above to $250 / MT above normal 380 cst pricing.  Our price levels have been around $100-$120 / MT above our normal 380 cst, more importantly than just price is the quality of our LSFO and the availability of it.  We have consistently had LSFO available for our contract and spot customers since the ECA requirements came into effect in August of this year.”

In addition, Bunkers International says the newly introduced IFO 380 cst LSFO has a
typical 0.85 – 0.90 max sulfur in Buena Ventura.

“We are very excited to be able to deliver this product in volume to help meet 2012 ECA requirements. This great new product is not only very low sulfur, but also meets all other specifications of ISO 8217: 2005 (E) and 2010, providing a high-quality product with a viscosity more in line with what most vessels are set up to use,” says Canal.

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