Harley Marine Services buys BRAtt training tug

Written by Nick Blenkey
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JANUARY 19, 2014 — Seattle, WA, headquartered Harley Marine Services has acquired the Azimuthing Stern Drive (ASD) training vessel, BRAtt, from Robert Allen Ltd.

The 450 hp BRAtt, which measures just 25.6 ft x 11.8 ft, is a proportionally scaled miniature version of a modern ASD tug and was purpose built as a training tool for the maritime industry.

Now called HMS BRAtt, the tugboat joins the diverse and growing Harley Marine fleet of 120 vessels and will be used extensively in the company’s tractor tug training program for crew members.

“This vessel will greatly enhance our ability to train qualified and quality operators for our fleet,” says Captain Scott Manley, Director of Marine Operations for Harley Marine Services.

The addition of the HMS BRAtt will allow crew members to become familiar with the maneuverability and handling capabilities of a tractor tug prior to taking the con of a full sized vessel. Her compact size will give trainees the opportunity to practice their operational skills in confined spaces

“One key component to a successful transportation company in the maritime industry is to employ the most qualified and competent individuals” says Captain Manley. To achieve this goal, Harley Marine is constantly evolving its training program so that employees are provided with the best available resources to do their job.

Although it is just one element of the company’s training program, HMS BRAtt will provide a real-life training mechanism that will teach lessons experienced in the wheelhouse on a daily basis.

Harley Marine Services says it is the only marine transportation company that has this type of learning vehicle available to employees.

The HMS BRAtt is stationed in Seattle, WA and is a welcome addition to the Harley Marine family of companies.

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