ClassNK releases amendments to class rules

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Classification society ClassNK reports that it released amendments to its Rules and Guidance for the Survey and Construction of Steel Ships on December 27, 2019.

The society constantly revises its Rules and Guidance to reflect the latest results from research and development projects, feedback from damage investigations, requests from the industry, regulatory requirements and changes made IACS unified requirements (UR), etc.

Among the requirements amended this time are::

In response to feedback from damage investigations:

  • Amendment related to the Welding for Cross-joints subject to High Stress, Towing Winch Emergency Release Systems, and Arrangement, Connection and Protection, etc. of Piping Systems

In response to industry requests:

  • Amendment related to the Steels Subject to Special Requirements for Ammonia Carriers, Clarification of the Application of the Requirements for Fire Protection and Extinction, and the Guidance related to Alarms, etc. of Drip Trays Provided for Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems

In response to changes in international conventions:

  • Amendment related to the Rules and Guidance related to Damage Stability, the Guidance related to Winches for Lifeboats Other Than Free-fall lifeboats, and the Rules and Guidance related to Modernization of the GMDSS

In response to changes in IACS Unified Requirement:

  • Amendment related to the Rules and Guidance related to Condition Based Maintenance Scheme for Machinery, the Rules and Guidance related to the Materials used for the Principal Components of Diesel Engines, etc., and the Guidance related to Environmental Tests for Automatic Equipment

The PDF files of ClassNK Rules and Guidance are available free of charge via ClassNK’s website for those who have registered for the ClassNK “My Page” service. To register for the “My Page” service free of charge, go to ClassNK’s website and click on the “My Page Login” button.

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