3D printing: ClassNK releases new guidelines

Written by Nick Blenkey
cover of 3D printing guidelines

Classification society ClassNK has released its “Guidelines for Additive Manufacturing(3D Printing).” They summarize the society’s approval requirements for metallic marine equipment produced by additive manufacturing technology and are part of Class NK’s effort to meet the industry’s demand for a third-party certification for marine equipment manufactured with an advanced technology.

Additive manufacturing technology is a method for manufacturing by laminating and combining materials such as resin and metal based on 3D model data. A feature of the technology is its capability to mold complex and high-precision shapes.

To ensure safety and proper use of the technology in the maritime industry, the guidelines specify the approval requirements for the feedstock used in metallic marine equipment produced by additive manufacturing technology, the manufacturing process, and the testing and inspection procedures for the products.

The guidelines include an introduction to the technology and information about the characteristics and the management of the metallic powders used.

The guidelines are available to download free of charge via ClassNK’s website www.classnk.com for those who have registered for the (free to register) ClassNK “My Page” service.

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