Seafarers Happiness Index shows that seafarers aren't so happy

Why seafarers aren’t so happy

The latest Seafarers Happiness Index report shows what its publisher, the Mission to Seafarers, characterizes as “a notable decline in overall happiness.” Of major concern, a shortage of available drinking water emerges

Graph from Seafarers Happiness Index report

Seafarers’ happiness declines

The Mission to Seafarers has published the latest Seafarers Happiness Index report for first quarter 2023. It reveals that there was a decline in overall happiness levels among seafarers during the first

P&I club executives plan to create new marine insurer

Major P&I merger set to go ahead

Get ready for a new name in P&I: NorthStandard. Two major players in the marine mutual insurance market — North P&I and Standard Club — are to go ahead with the merger