Trends in exhaust gas scrubber ship fittings

Scrubber fitting trends: What’s happening?

Niels Rasmussen, chief shipping analyst at BIMCO has been crunching the numbers on the percentage of ships fitted with exhaust gas scrubbers, or exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS) more formally. “Scrubbers were

IMO’s MEPC set for contentious session

APRIL 9, 2018 — IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 72) is meeting in London this week. The most prominent — and contentious — item on the agenda is setting a strategy

Pressure grows for HFO-free Arctic

NOVEMBER 18, 2016 — The Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators (AECO) has reconfirmed its support for an international ban on heavy fuel oil (HFO) for all ship traffic in the Arctic.