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Clipper converts HFO tanks to MGO for ECA operations

Written by Nick Blenkey
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After conversion of one HFO tank to MGO, Clipper Tarpon's MGO capacity went from 143.4 cu.m to 564.4 cu.m

MARCH 19, 2015 — To meet new MARPOL Annex VI sulfur limits in Emission Control Areas (ECAs), Copenhagen, Denmark headquartered Clipper Group is to convert one HFO tank in each of six of its 30,000 dwt Trader-type bulk carriers into MGO tanks.

Clipper says the conversion reduces unnecessary costs of frequent bunker operations and delays. “Simultaneously,” says Clipper, “it makes the vessels more sustainable and environmentally friendly, and thereby compliant with current legislation. As an extra benefit, the physical separation of piping makes it very unlikely to mix the two fuel grades by mistake.”

One of the converted vessels is Clipper Tarpon. Before the conversion, her MGO tank capacity was 143.4 cu.m. After conversion, MGO capacity is 564.4 cu. m. This improvement allows the vessel to sail for a longer period without additional bunker calls inside emission control areas.

Clipper’s in-house technical department, Clipper Fleet Management, docked the vessel in a Turkish shipyard for approximately three weeks during which she also had her piping optimized into separate HFO and MGO systems. The MGO conversion itself took around eight days and thus did not add to the docking time.

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